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Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, Odorless, Non-Allergenic, Contains No Dyes, Water
Based Gel, that Removes Stains from Virtually any Washable Surface or Fabric

boot before and after

Cleans Surfaces Including: Carpet, Hardwood, Aluminum, Granite, Marble, Upholstery, Leather, Plastic, Vinyl, Ceramic

Easily Removes: Paint, Ink, Tar, Adhesive, Blood, Pet Stains, Rust, Wax,
Wine, Soda, Gum, Calcium/Lime Deposits, Dirt, Grease

Cleans Stoves, Grills, Counter Tops, Stainless, Appliances,
Cabinets, Clothes, Car-RV-Boat Interiors

Use Direct from Container for Difficult Stains or Mix with Hot Water to Make
8 Quarts of a Heavy Duty Stain Remover/De-greaser/Cleaner/Stays Mixed

Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

Deep Green Stain Remover is an innovative, user-friendly product.

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You can find our product in many of the finer hometown paint & hardware, farm and pet supply, automotive, RV and marine supply stores.

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