For many years, founder Barry Stadler dreamed of creating his own cleaning product. He envisioned a product that wouldn't ruin any surfaces but was powerful enough to remove terrible stains and take on extreme cleaning projects. 

In 2013, these dreams came to life in a double garage in Grand Rapids, MI. The owner's Chrysler mini-van has added over 170,000 miles traveling store to store impressing business owners in hardware and auto supply, supermarkets, furniture shops, and flooring suppliers. Now, almost five years later, the company has moved into an industrial facility, is selling Deep Green Stain Remover  in over 1000 stores nationwide, and has been featured on QVC shopping channel.

Deep Green Stain Remover has become nationally known for it's odorless cleaning power for anything from tough stains to grease build-up. It's a gel based, odorless, dye free concentrate that can be used on any washable surface. Because of it's versatility, it's become a staple for households and businesses alike. You can use it directly from the jar or mix with hot water to make a heavy duty cleaner and degreaser.