I recently purchased this product when a friend of mine did a review on it and posted it to their Facebook! I’ve used it on old stains that have been seeped into the carpet for years, and it has worked fantastically! We’ve used it on our bed, on our child’s cloths, bedsheets and even on the seats in our cars! I definitely recommend this product and will be keeping it in stock!
— Celena C. (Amazon)
My fiancee likes the carpet on carpet look. She affixed the upper carpet to the wall-to-wall carpet underneath with loops of duct tape. That worked fine until she wanted to reposition the upper carpet. Moving the upper carpe left dark gray adhesive residue on the beige wall-to-wall carpeting. When you walked on those spots in bare feet, they felt dirty and sticky. Of course, the spots were in front of a window, and were plainly visible. But we tried everything, and nothing got the spots out. We tried dishwashing detergent, vinegar and several other household cleaners, rubbing alcohol, and other organic solvents. There was something about that adhesive that made it very, very stubborn. My fiancee saw the ad for this product. We’re generally very skeptical about commercials, but we were running out of ideas. I bought this for her as a little present. It arrived promptly. It worked miracles. The instructions say to use with hot water, which we did. We used terry towels to apply the Deep Green, which is a creamy white paste and completely odorless. With a little rubbing, the spots came right out. There was no residue, no stickiness or visible stain. We just used bare hands, and the Deep Green had no effect on our skin whatsoever (and my fiancee is extremely sensitive to chemicals). We’re extremely satisfied with this product.
— Gawlik L. (Amazon)
I was going to give away my 6 piece sectional due to hair oil stains on the back of my sectional. As a last resort I saw this item and thought I would try to salvage my sectional sofa. I was amazed at the result. I wet it with the spray mixture then rubbed by hand, liberally. the gel like contents on the back head area. I then used the brush and gently scrubbed the entire back head area. I then rinsed it as best I could and let it dry over night. Voila!!! Stains gone. The fabric was micro fiber. I saved a lot of money because I now don’t need new furniture in my living room. These oil stains had accumulated over a 7 year period.
— Lois S. (QVC)
I just used the cleaner on a one year old (perhaps black oil or stain that looked like black oily stain) from a beige carpet area. I did use as instructed, with the towel I rubbed a good amount and scrubbed it into the large stain area, and let it sit for 3 mins, then I used the brush to scrub more. I then use wet towel to remove as much of the product as possible It looks great now I hope the removal of the stain doesn’t bleach out the carpet. There was no strong smell, and i”m so glad with what I see so far.
I also removed another difficult stain (black candle wax from dining table cloth). I had to scrub that more, at first it didn’t do anything, before I gave up, I scrubed more and it all went away. This is unbelievable results to me. I am a clean neat person and now I have no more stains around that can bug me. Kudos to the maker and creator of this product. Please don’t leave me without this product!
— Love Retail Therapy (QVC)
I’ve had a spot in the middle of my living room carpet for years and it bothered me every time I’d walk by it. I’ve rented a shampooer and tried MANY products, no luck. After seeing this work on air, I decided to purchase this product and give it one more try. Guess what...the spot is gone! Next up, an ottoman where our dog used to rub her nose. Then I have a canvas handbag. I’m so excited about this product!
— Cem50 (QVC)
To be completely honest, I wasn’t quite sure what this was before I bought it. Seeing a stain remover with 4 stars and fabulous reviews was enough for me. With two young kids, I’m always looking for cleaning products. This stuff is seriously awesome. The first time I used it was to remove ketchup from my light beige carpeting. A little scrubbing, and the stain is gone. Not just pushed deeper into the carpet so you can’t see it, but actually gone. It worked on the peanut butter vs hoodie incident, the cat puke vs throw rug, and even the marker vs shower curtain. I haven’t the faintest idea how this stuff works, but I definitely recommend it!
— MK (Amazon)
I used this on my grade school boys clothes after football season and was blown away that they are cleaner than before practices had stained them. The shirts had grass and even some blood and its gone now!. Decided to try on sofa stains from pets and was equally pleased.
— Goodfind (QVC)
This stuff is great!!!! Got pet stains out of my carpet just like it shows on tv. I still can’t believe it. I go over to the stains daily waiting for them to come back (bleed through like they used to) and they haven’t. Recommend this product highly.
— DNas (QVC)